Who we are

HOMOLOGAR SRL is a technological services company skilled in getting Type Approval certificates for Telecom products or systems, to ensure they meet the Argentina regulations.

HOMOLOGAR SRL is one of the main suppliers of this service in the Argentine market, being chosen as its most reliable local partner by some of the most important international certifiers.

Time = Opportunity

You should be sure to get what you need, and as quickly as possible.

The keys

Right planning from the beginning

The Background

Our team have professionals in Telecommunications Engineering

The challenge

The solicitude must be complete, simple to understand and lacking of careless mistakes

The tools

We are listed up in the registry of Importers / Exporters of the Argentine Customs

Let us

Clarify all your doubts and give a complete and accurate panorama

Local companies that have already trusted us

International certifiers who choose us

We offer all the facilities for those international clients that wish to certify Telecom products in Argentina, both if they have or haven´t a Local Representative for the Certificate of Approval (mandatory).

The Background

Our team have professionals in Telecommunications Engineering, highly qualified and with extensive work experience developed in many of the large companies in our sector. This is fundamental, since our work puts us in touch with the latest technology and we frequently deal with products that never before had reached our market

The keys

A correct initial planning. Once the proposal is accepted and already in full execution, there should be no surprises or changes of scenery for the applicant. Feasibility, cost, requirements and delivery times are the fundamental references with which we deal with our client

The tools

Our company is listed up in the Importers / Exporters registry of the Argentine Customs, which allows us to handle the international shipping of test samples through any of its ways (International Courier Door to Door service, definitive import, temporary import, etc)

¿Does your telecom device need a type approval in Argentina?

We can help you! We have been doing it since 1998, providing QoS, suitability and responsibility in the management.

More than 1,300 certificates obtained since 1998 back us up.

Hundreds of national and international companies have been granted with ENACOM approval certificates for their telecommunications products, through our professional services.

The challenge

It consists of making our applications to the Regulator in a clear to analyze and simple way, lacking of errors nor inconsistencies, so that its treatment and approval can be resolved in the shortest time.

Time = Opportunity

Delays in certification processes imply loss of business opportunities.

Certification in telecommunications is a complex task, which demands high technical profile and ability to manage the project in its different stages.

Do not take risks in your project. We know what you need, how much you need it and when you need it.

We also offer all the facilities for those international clients whising to certify their products in Argentina and do not have a Local Representative for the Certificate of Approval (mandatory).

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